Warranty Department

1223 Crestside Drive #100
Coppell, TX, 75019


The best thing to do is send us an email with the following information

  1. First & Last Name

  2. Phone Number

  3. Current Address

  4. Previous Address (if purchased at a different home).

  5. Copy of your original receipt (our records only go as far back as 2011).

  6. Pictures of the issue, (we need close up shots, and a picture of the entire product)

Contact Us

Please feel free to fill out the form and send us an email with any question or comments you have. We will do out best to facilitate any warranty issue between you and the manufacturer of the product.

A few common misunderstanding about what is and what is not a warranty are:

  1. Wind damage (especially when it comes to umbrellas

  2. Holes in fabric (this most often comes from varmints like squirrels)

  3. Misuse (if you stand on a table and it breaks)

  4. Acts of God (wind, hail, fire and other things)

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