A Fresh Take on Outdoor Furniture

Although eclectic is one of the most difficult styles to describe, its’ the one of the most unique.  Its best described as a combination of all other design styles.  From traditional furniture, to antiques, to modern artwork, the possibilities are endless. Often times they will also have a bit of whimsy to them, either by the interesting objects showcased, or the bold use of colors. It takes some skill to really understand what will work together, even if the root of the styles of each item are vastly different. The rules and principals of design still apply, but in a very abstract way.  Change it up, have fun and make your space your own!

To give you some inspiration we have gathered some of our most popular items that could be described as eclectic.

Fishing boats are common place on the exotic island of Bali and their neighboring Indonesian islands. Although the wood remains strong, over time, these boats become too weak to survive the punishing seas and exhausting schedules. The boatwood is made from hard woods such as teak and ironwood that are in short supply naturally – and some only available from these recycled boats!  With this eco-friendly boatwood taken to the workshop in Bali, the team enlists their skilled master craftsmen to step in and provide new life and purpose for all this beautiful wood. Furniture pieces and accessories are formed entirely from these recycled and reclaimed fishing boats. Preserving the naturally aged beauty of the material, the wood is never re-painted. The years of layered paint, weathered by time and elements, help create a striking, one-of-a-kind piece of art. And each piece is heirloom quality, made to last several lifetimes. These truly unique pieces can blend in a variety of decors, and they are as functional and they are beautiful. Any piece from this collection will become a focal point of your space as this boatwood sails on to new adventures.

Metal art is made by carefully fabricating by hand various metals including steel, copper, aluminum, stainless and recycled patina steel.  Pieces are truly unique in their vibrant colors, handcrafted design and overall natural vibe. Metal art is a great conversation piece for your indoor and outdoor rooms.

Breezesta’s variety of colors is perfect for mixing and matching and adding a pop of color in your design.  The possibilities are endless with the ability to design your own pieces with countless color combinations available. The furniture is casual, comfortable and the perfect accent to your eclectic design.

Casual Comfort Adirondacks.jpg
Garrett Wallace