Live Outdoors


Let’s mark a new beginning for your outdoor room.  Live outdoors by creating the perfect outdoor room and enjoy the wonderful perks of outdoor living. Our design experts are available to walk you through the design process and help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

1.    The patio or backyard has really become an extension of the interior of your home.  With such high quality designs, styles and fabrics your outdoor room can offer you additional space to entertain with an outdoor kitchen, dining set or deep seating group. 

2.    Increase your home value by adding usable space to enjoy now that will appeal to potential home buyers in the future.    

3.    Not only will your outdoor room give you extra space but it can serve as an escape from your daily routine.  A private, peaceful retreat to re-energize and enjoy the fresh air.

4.    Although many opt to design their outdoor rooms to mirror the interior décor, some use their outdoor space to have a little more fun with their design.  Whether you create a theme, mix and match fabrics and colors or experiment with an entirely different design style, the outdoor room is often a space to let loose!

Whatever the reason for designing your outdoor space the key is to live outdoors and enjoy your outdoor room!

Garrett Wallace