Wrought Iron or Steel Outdoor Patio Furniture

Monterra Sect..jpg

Another material for patio furniture compared to wicker or aluminum would be wrought iron.  Wrought iron is durable and stable and is much heavier than other materials making it perfect for windier conditions or spaces that need to be kid friendly!  It is a malleable material that can be worked into intricate, unique and visually appealing shapes and designs giving you tons of stylish options.  These craftsman like collections can be found in a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional and are considered classy and luxurious.  Wrought iron is available in several finishes to allow for a more personal design. 

When shopping for wrought iron patio furniture check to make sure the welds are smooth, the finish is evenly coated and that the pieces are solid and heavy. These are all signs that you are getting quality patio furniture that will stand the test of time!

A fan favorite in the wrought iron category is the Monterra collection by O.W. Lee (featured above). The Monterra collection features unique details including hammered rivets at key intersections and embossed flat bars that envelop the cushioning of the chair, creating beautiful and distinctly comfortable deep seating.  

Garrett Wallace