Outdoor Design Tips

You’re not alone in the design process of your outdoor room.  We’re here to help you create an outdoor room that fits your style, budget and needs. 

THINK about some of your favorite vacations.  What did you like best about where you stayed?  Use this to decide what kind of pieces you will use: dining, kitchen, lounge or seating.

LIST the ways that you use your outdoor space.  Do you prefer relaxing by the pool, dining al fresco, entertaining or lounging poolside?  Determining how you will use the space will help you prioritize your purchasing. Once you have decided how you want to utilize your outdoor room it’s time to look for ideas. Gather pictures and samples of different fabrics, colors, patterns, pieces and any other elements that illustrate your personal taste.  You might be surprised how easily a theme or style can evolve from your ideas.

LOOK at your outdoor space and consider different options. There may be areas that you are not using right now that are perfectly suited for a dining table, bar or seating area. There are often opportunities to create and define different living areas by using plants, rugs and accessories.

SHOP to see the latest trends in outdoor furnishings.   You will find a variety of furniture styles and colors and an abundance of fabric options.  Bring a picture or sketch of your outdoor space along with measurements.  This is helpful to determine the scale and style of furnishings that will best suit your outdoor oasis.  Sit in the furniture, see the colors in person and really firm up your choices for your outdoor room.  The casual furniture industry has several different materials, styles and brands to choose from.  Explore the possibilities but be sure to measure your space first!

BUY and make your dreams a reality.  Our suggestion is to buy for your entire outdoor space if your budget allows.  An advantage of purchasing quality and durable outdoor furnishings is the ability to add to the collection over time.  If it’s easier to furnish one area at a time just remember to keep with the original design and to always enjoy your outdoor room!  

Garrett Wallace