Care & Maintenance


We recommend seasonal cleaning and touch up of your patio furniture to preserve its beauty and keep it looking great for years to come.

To clean your cushions and fabric use a sponge or cloth and wash with a solution of soap or mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to air dry. For more stubborn stains visit our care & maintenance page to download our stain removal chart. The same combination of mild soap and water is recommended to clean your frames.

Now is a great time to clean and seal your stone tops before the cooler weather arrives. As with your furniture a combination of mild soap and water should be used with a soft sponge.

If you have some of Jensen’s Ipé furniture it is best to use Jensen’s Ipé aftercare kit. The kit is intended for furniture that has been slightly grayed-out in the weather, and will effectively treat the wood surface and restore the original brown color.

Touch up paint or pens that will cover scratches or chips are available from most manufacturers. Call the Yard Art Patio & Fireplace store nearest you to determine what is available for your furniture. To download stain removal charts, a video and more detailed care & maintenance information click here.

Garrett Wallace