Rain or Shine, We have you Covered

As the temperatures start to heat up and you begin to spend your weekends outdoors it’s important you have the proper shade to keep you covered.  This small addition to your outdoor room can make a big difference in comfort and can also add a pop of color if you choose. When shopping for an outdoor umbrella there are a few factors to keep in mind…

First it’s important to consider size.  How big is the area you wish to shade?  How much clearance do you have for the umbrella to expand and swivel (if you choose that style)?  We stock umbrellas with canopies that range from 7.5 feet to 13 feet.  The height of the umbrella is something else to keep in mind.  You want it to be tall enough so it doesn’t interfere but low enough to be functional.  The industry standard is 8 feet tall.   

In addition to having options in canopy size there are several styles to consider.  Auto tilt umbrellas are easy to use and provide the most flexibility with the tilt feature while push button tilt umbrellas give you a tilt option with the same ease of use at a lower price point.  A cantilever umbrella is an umbrella with a metal arm to the side instead of a center pole which gives you more usable space under the canopy. Cantilever umbrellas are available in 11 foot and 13 foot options.  Cantilever umbrellas have the added benefit of swiveling 360 degrees and tilting without having to move the umbrella base.  This feature lets you shade multiple areas and could substitute for 2 smaller canopies helping you maximize your outdoor space.  

The last factor for you to consider is the umbrella mount.  Do you prefer an umbrella base or will you be mounting it directly in the ground with a concrete mount?  Most umbrellas are best suited for the traditional umbrella base however the cantilever AKZs have the capability of being mounted directly into the concrete.

With over 30 colors and patterns in stock and more available as a special order, umbrellas are a functional accessory that can transform your outdoor space.  When shopping for your umbrella pay close attention the material/fabric being used. A weather resistant fabric is key for outdoor use and will protect your umbrella from the sun and rain. To keep them in excellent condition we recommend the use of an umbrella cover when being stored in the off season.  This not only protects the frame and fabric from the elements but will maximize the lifespan of your umbrella allowing you to enjoy your outdoor room for years to come.

Visit us today and remember that in rain or shine, we’ve got you covered.

Garrett Wallace