Wood Restoration

Most often any wood can be restored to a desirable level, this takes time and patients but it is possible. The best way to avoid doing a restoration project is with preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can include things like, covering the items when not in use, regular cleaning, regular sealing or coating, and more based on the conditions and locations of the wood product. Listed below are some pictures and steps it took to complete a restoration project.  

Original Condi

Eco-Friendly Options

For those who are looking for an environmental-friendly option for your patio furniture, look no further!

We have a few collections that are stylish, durable and eco-friendly.  One of these collections is from Breezesta (featured above).  All of Breezesta’s furniture is made of plastic milk jugs and water bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Not only is Breezesta made of recycled products, it IS a recyclable product and available in 20 colors. Any

Cool Contemporary Collections

According to Better Homes and Garden contemporary style is often defined by clean lines with a casual atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors, and elements and materials inspired by nature.  With an emphasis on comfort, contemporary style is a growing trend in the casual furniture market.  The sleek lines of the various collections paired with a minimalistic fabric create a calm, relaxing and clean environment for you to kick back and relax. 

A couple of

Rain Or Shine, We’ve Got You Covered

As the temperatures start to heat up and you begin to spend your weekends outdoors it’s important you have the proper shade to keep you covered.  This small addition to your outdoor room can make a big difference in comfort and can also add a pop of color if you choose. When shopping for an outdoor umbrella there are a few factors to keep in mind…

First it’s important to consider size.  How big is the area you wish to shade?  How much clearance do you have f

Ask Sunbrella: Is it Possible to remove allergens/pollen from my Sunbrella cushions?

Temperatures are on the rise, the sounds of baby birds chirping float through the air, and flowers are beginning to bloom. With all of the wonderful things spring brings, there are also the unpleasant side effects of spring allergens like pollen.

Q: Is it possible to remove allergens/pollen from my Sunbrella cushions?

A: Removing allergens from your Sunbrella cushion covers is easy. Simply remove the cushion filling and wash the cover. Per