Wood Restoration

Most often any wood can be restored to a desirable level, this takes time and patients but it is possible. The best way to avoid doing a restoration project is with preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can include things like, covering the items when not in use, regular cleaning, regular sealing or coating, and more based on the conditions and locations of the wood product. Listed below are some pictures and steps it took to complete a restoration project.


Original Condition

original condition


After about 8-9 months of neglect:



Steps to Restore:

1) Scrape and roughly sand all area

step 1

2) Wash and dry the items

3) Re-scrape or sand any areas that need extra care

4)Stain and or repaint to desired color and look

step 4

1) Scrape and roughly sand all area

step 1

5) Seal with desired sealer in this case we used Crab Coat. You can seal as many time as you would like to insure proper coverage and support.

step 5







before 3





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